Meditative hiking days

8.30 a.m. meeting at the U.M.A. Academy Freiburg
                     at Life Surfers House Salzstra├če 25
                     for breakfast together.
Without being under pressure to
perform or getting into stress
behavior, we let the harmony and
colorful playfulness in nature
work on us. We learn to perceive
ourselves and others with a
deeper acceptance and
awareness, just as nature
perceives us - without judging!
We ask you to register two days in advance for organizational reasons
to register. Tel. 0761-709 665 -
We hike through the beautiful
areas of nature, remain in contact
with our inner nature and allow a
conscious inner openness,
which is supported by certain
instructions, reminders and
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Dates 2020

Sunday January 26th
Sunday March 22nd
Thursday May 21st
Sunday June 28th
Sunday July 26th
Sunday September 20th
Sunday October 18th
Sunday November 22nd
UMA  Academy
Universal  &  Multiversal
Awareness  Academy (U.M.A.A.)
Life Surfers House

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