Lifesurfing Retreat with Bhashkar Perinchery

from August, 16th to 30th, 2014


Life is so vast and mysterious that what life will bring the next moment is basically not predictable! Our life-situation can be compared to someone who is windsurfing. He is totally dependent on the strength of the wind and the waves. But exactly that is the challenge and the fun of windsurfing – one learns to deal with and find the balance in such a way that eventually the whole thing becomes a very playful way of enjoying and finding your way through the strides!

In life – when we look a little bit carefully – we may recognize that it is somewhat similar! Through the needs and challenges which confront us, with a careful approach, we can lead a joyous and fulfilling life, admiring and rejoicing the creation and the creator!

To begin with asking yourself: What am I looking for in life?

See how decisively important it is to really ask oneself and consider ‘what my true needs are?’, ‘what the deeper nature of my reality is?’ and also look ‘what steps do I need to take, to realize it?!’

Are you perhaps expecting that someone else should do it for you? Do you imagine that it will all happen by the way, automatically? The human reality differs significantly from all other animals on our planet, because we are given the capacity to observe and understand ourselves. Along with this we are given the ability to respond – the responsibility as well as the freedom - to learn through this observation and mold the further development of our lives. But, it is an innermost individual decision and orientation, which no one else can do for you! One may say it is a sign of great respect of the creator towards the human being!

In effect it also means that we can through the right way of observing and understanding, lead a truly fulfilling life; yet, through a careless approach, fall into all kind of misunderstandings and get trapped in misery! Like in wind- and wave- surfing, we cannot decide what the challenges are going to be, but our chance is in learning to respond optimally, through our presence and a spirit of playfulness. ‘Life-surfing’ is this orientation.

The ‘Life-surfing’-Seminar is a support to observe and to understand, thereby enabling one to enjoy a life of joy and love, of gratitude and inner abundance.

Life surfing’ creates a context to become conscious of the nature of the reality and to recognize that our life in this body on earth is a blessing, not a curse.To live it beautifully - always undercurrently remembering and feeling grateful towards the creator and the creation, for preparing the whole context of this wondrous planet earth and us having a chance to be a part of this mysteriously beautiful reality!!!


Location: Italy, Tuscany

Cost: € 1490.- for retreat incl. vegetarian meals and accommodation