New Year Retreat with Bhashkar Perinchery

from December 28th, 2014 to January 4th, 2015

The Turning Point

Moving from a power-approach to finding our basis in the intelligence of the heart

The most common approach in today’s societies is based on power. Through such an approach the human being is manipulated on an unconscious level through fear and greed. Thereby however we remain closed to the vision, the experience and the unfolding in Godliness, wonder and ecstasy.
We have the tendency to cling the known to the familiar habits and attitudes. The unknown fascinates us, but it also provokes fears and uncertainties. Even when our usual approach becomes tiring, meaningless and hopeless, we still often do not dare to take a step into the unknown, to risk. Only when it becomes really clear to us, that in our development we cannot move backwards, but only forward, we risk the step towards a healthy aliveness. A heartfelt intelligence is not an attitude, it is an “attitude-less” open, wakeful, sympathetic way to be with the present. In such a state we apply our knowledge and skills in the service of life and of love and thereby flow with life.
An attentive and mindful approach can make unimagined connections of this reality visible to us, enabling us to find access to the deeper intelligence, as well as to live the intelligence of the heart.
Only in such a way is there a possibility, individually as well as globally, to prevent the “automatic” self-destructive march towards individual and global destruction.